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BITH 1298  Old Testament Survey                         BITH 2396 New Testament Theology

BITH 1398 New Testament Survey                        BITH 4576 Systematic Theology I             

BITH 4576-Systematic Theology I                          BITH 5476-Soteriology            

BITH 8811-Geography of the Holy Land                BITH 7876 Paul of Tarsus

BITH 9977 Perspectives From Church History I     BITH 4376 The Psalms

BITH 1222 Spiritual Formation                              BITH 4686 Christology 

BITH 2398 Old Testament Theology                      BITH 5478 Intertestamental History

 BITH 5543 Acts of the Apostles                             BITH 5698 Christian Ethics

                         BITH 5600 Calvinism/Armianism Theology            BITH 4533 Advanced  Apologetics      

                         BITH 8778 Introduction to Hymnology                   BITH 4388 Introduction to Apologetics-

                         BITH 7733 Biblical Hermeneutics                          FORLANG 1220- Introduction to Latin

                         PHI 9942- Introduction to Christian Philosophy     BITH 4563 Systematic Theology II

                         BITH 3452  Reformation Church History II             BITH 4588 Introduction to NT Greek

                         BITH 5600 Systematic Theology III                       BITH 8877- Word and Sacraments

                         BITH 9954 Old Testament Exegesis                      BITH 9853 Introduction to Greek Grammar

                         BITH 9899 Presbytery or Prelacy                          BITH 4278 The Greek Text of Romans

                         BITH 4375 Old Testament Apocalyptic Literature BITH3465 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew



       Christian Books                                                                     

                               Art Of Prophesying by William Perkins                                              

                       All Things For Good by Thomas Watson

                               Christians Great Interest by William Guthrie

                               Christian Love by Hugh Binning

                               Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson

                               Dying Thoughts by Richard Baxter

                               Godly Mans Picture by Thomas Watson

                                Great Gain of Godliness by Thomas Watson

                                Heaven On Earth by Thomas Brooks

                                Lifting Up For The Downcast by William Bridge

                                Mystery Of Providence by John Flavel

                               Precious Remedies by Thomas Brooks

                        Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment     

                                Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

                                Secret Key to Heaven by Thomas Brooks

                                Sure Guide To Heaven by Joseph Alleine

                               True Bounds Of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton



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