Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

One of the best known classics on the work of the Christian ministry


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Richard Baxter

Details: 267 pages
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Description: One of the best known classics on the work of the Christian ministry. Is a most extraordinary performance, and should be read by every young minister, before he takes a people under his stated care; and, I think, the practical part of it reviewed every three or four years; for nothing would have a greater tendency to awaken the spirit of a minister to that zeal in his work, for want of which many good men are but shadows of what (by the blessing of God) they might be, if the maxims and measures laid down in that incomparable Treatise were strenuously pursued. - Philip Doddridge

"Of the excellence of this work, it is scarcely possible to speak in too high terms. It is not a directory relative to the various parts of the ministerial office, and in this respect it may, by some, be considered as defective; but, for powerful, pathetic, pungent, heartpiercing address, we know of no work on the pastoral office to be compared with it." - William Brown

ISBN#: 9780851511917
Condition: New
Book Title: Reformed Pastor
Author : Richard Baxter